Boulder Insight Team Living Below the Line this week to Help Fight Poverty

The Boulder Insight team is taking the Live Below The Line USA challenge this week to live on $1.50 a day for food and drink for 5 days. We are joining together to raise awareness about global poverty, funds for BeadforLife and to do some good in the world. We are each blogging about our experiences and will be sharing them with you this week.

Here’s our first post from Heather Ditillo, Boulder Inisght Director of Training & Education:


“Feeding our ‘Babies’ & Feeding Our Souls …”



I woke up early today to begin preparing my beans and rice for this week’s Live Below the Line Challenge, and thinking of my incredible friends/colleagues at Boulder Insight and my dear friend and fellow Yinzer (aka, Pittsburgher) Judy, taking the LBL Challenge with me to live on $1.50 a day for our food and drink for 5 days. I am blessed to be surrounded by such community and kindness. And yet, I am overcome with deep gratitude and guilt all at once as I look around my beautiful home with my shiny stainless steel fridge and pantry full of food for my family, knowing that only I will be taking this challenge and that I have the peace of mind knowing my children and husband will have full bellies this week

1.2 billion people around the world live in this reality each and every day, this reality that I am choosing to be a part of for only 5 days

I was working from home today when my oldest son, Logan, came home for lunch, I realized that I didn’t have any food made for him (he has a very short 25 minute lunch break to eat). So I did what any mother would do, and fed him – giving him some of the precious black beans and rice I made this morning for my LBL challenge (which I had just a few hours earlier promptly labeled and put in the fridge so no one else would touch it). The photo here shows the spoon imprint where I scooped out his rice. I decided right away that I will not add any more beans and rice from my pantry to replace this, but instead let this be a reminder to me of the that void, that sacrifice that so many mother’s make each and every day around the world for the sake of their children. Of course, they would choose to feed their “babies” … I would always choose feeding my children first, wouldn’t you?

Feeding our Babies: Any Mother's Sacrifice

Feeding our Babies: Any Mother’s Sacrifice

Oh my, Live Below The Line,​ won’t fail me this year, either. This is my 2nd year taking the Challenge. Even after 8 years working with or volunteering for BeadforLife, and even after all my trips to Uganda, I am still humbled by the deep meaning and connection I feel each year when I take this Challenge. Our stomaches may growl this week, but our souls will be fed!

Won’t you please support us today … every dollar will go to help mothers around the world feed their “babies”, and is guaranteed to feed your soul, too. OR share your thoughts with us? Could you ‪#‎LiveBelowtheLine‬



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