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Forest Rim and Boulder Insight on Airline and Banking Sentiment Dashboards

Forest Rim and Boulder Insight on Airline and Banking Sentiment Dashboards We recently partnered with Bill Inmon at Forest Rim to build visualizations based on his textual disambiguation of public sentiment documents for the airline and banking industry. Forest Rim will be hosting a webinar to describe the techniques and results:   __________________________________________ This year   [READ MORE]


Building a Data Discovery Dashboard

How do we find out what questions we should ask of our data? We’ve zeroed in on the perfect method: building a Data Discovery Dashboard, which includes both “Measure Discovery” and “Dimension Discovery”.


Proud sponsor of the Charlotte Tableau User Group

Proud sponsor of the Charlotte Tableau User Group   Though Boulder Insight is most associated with its Boulder, Colorado geographical namesake, we’re always working on building a presence in other markets. Our local team in the Carolinas, in partnership with other Tableau peers, has re-launched the Charlotte Tableau User Group. Big turnouts in August and   [READ MORE]


Transparent Image Masks 2: TIMs for Framing

Transparent Image Masks 2: TIMs for Framing This past week we started exploring the use of floating images over vizzes as Transparent Image Masks (TIMs) on our Father’s Day Viz. The purpose was to mask a viz with a border to give it a more interesting shape relevant to the topic; in this case a   [READ MORE]


Transparent Image Masks

Transparent Image Masks Over the years, clients have requested interesting aesthetic designs for their visualizations.  Often, it includes a graphic element that may push the limits of the intended use for Tableau.  Some examples might include a realistic looking thermometer for a goal viz or other photo-realistic gauge.  These may not be best practices for   [READ MORE]


Recommended Reading: “What is Code?” by Paul Ford

Recommended Reading: “What is Code?” by Paul Ford If (you have < 10 seconds, read the following options) Else If (you have < 3 minutes, watch this Bloomberg video) Else If (you have < 15 minutes, read this Huffington Post article) Else If (you have < 25 minutes, watch this Charlie Rose video) Else If   [READ MORE]


The Rise of Data Visualization

The Rise of Data Visualization Hello avid data vizzers! Steven here, bringing you some lightning-quick tidbits to fill your brain with interesting knowledge that’s also good conversation fodder for parties. (Depending on the parties.) (source: http://englishrussia.com/2008/09/11/russian-nerds-party/)   First, a very very brief history of data visualization, summarized from the already brief “A Brief History of   [READ MORE]


A Visualization to the Editor

A Visualization to the Editor By: William AubreyJune 2015 Any evolution is similar to the metaphor of passing through the eye of a needle. There are essential elements that pass through and other elements that are shed. Newspapers and Libraries are in the process of evolving and there are at least two common threads that   [READ MORE]


Our “Insights” after Living Below the Line

We did it!! Our entire Boulder Office completed the Live Below the Line Challenge for each of us to live on $1.50 a day for all of our food and drink for 5 days!! Lots o’ rice and beans have been eaten – some pintos, some black beans and lentils. There was lots of perspective gained, and even some pounds lost. Sometimes our stomachs growled … sometimes we growled; but in the end we’re proud that we took the time to step out of our normal routine and stand together as a team to raise awareness and funds to support poverty eradication. [READ MORE]


Live Below the Line: Day 3

So far, Team WR&P (“white rice and pintos” – i.e., just me) has put down three organic bananas, three cups (pre-cooked) of rice, and several cups of pinto beans made from scratch. I’m not sure exactly how much of my food I’ve used, but it looks like about half. Today is Day 3 of the   [READ MORE]


BI Team Living Below the Line This Week to Help Fight Poverty

The Boulder Insight team is taking the Live Below The Line USA challenge this week to live on $1.50 a day for food and drink for 5 days. We are joining together to raise awareness about global poverty, funds for BeadforLife and to do some good in the world. We are each blogging about our experiences and will be sharing them with you this week.

Here’s our first post from Heather Ditillo, Boulder Inisght Director of Training & Education: “Feeding our ‘Babies’ & Feeding Our Souls …”


Regular Expressions in Tableau

Many people may not have heard of Tableau 9.0’s new support for regular expressions, and in fact many people may not even know what regular expressions are. I want to fix both of those in this blog post, covering: What regular expressions are, and why they’re so powerful, How to use regular expressions in Tableau,   [READ MORE]


Boulder Insight featured in Bill Inmon’s latest publication

Boulder Insight featured in Bill Inmon’s latest publication In 2014, Boulder Insight had the pleasure to work with Bill Inmon on some of his latest research into the analysis of the textual disambiguation of non-repetitive data. Widely regarded in the computer industry as “the father of data warehousing”, Bill’s influence has spanned decades through his   [READ MORE]


BIG Favorites from the IronViz Wiki Round

In between working for a living, we recently had a lot of fun participating in the first round of the 2015 IronViz competition.  This round was all about leveraging Wikipedia as a data source and building interesting visualizations with that data.  On the Boulder Insight Team, we had our own internal favorites from Chris, Steven   [READ MORE]


2015 IronViz Entries from Boulder Insight: William Aubrey

One of the great things about working at Boulder Insight is our enthusiasm for participating in the Tableau practice community and pushing ourselves to learn more about this tool everyday.  This year’s IronViz was a great chance to do both. We had a lot of fun making entries ourselves and learning from our peer group.   [READ MORE]


10 Million Passwords Analysis

10 Million Passwords When Mark Burnett released a dataset of 10 million usernames and passwords scraped from online (don’t worry – they’re probably dead, they’ve been online for a while anyway, and he even did some additional cleaning), some things weren’t much of a surprise: “123456” is still the most common password (with “password” close   [READ MORE]


Going Meta on Viz of the Day

Going Meta on Viz of the Day An aspiration for every Tableau enthusiast is to get a viz published to Viz of the Day. This week we took a look at all of the previous Viz of the Days to see if we could learn any secrets hidden in the submissions. Take a look for   [READ MORE]


Press Release: Boulder Insight Launches New Website Showcasing Tableau Product and Consulting Solutions

BOULDER, CO, (PRWEB) 15, April, 2014—Boulder Insight, a certified Tableau Consultant and Reseller, is pleased to announce the launch of a newly revamped website, www.boulderinsight.com The new site provides quick and intuitive access to all Boulder Insight services and solutions, industry best practices, client endorsements, and access to a free Tableau product trial. According to   [READ MORE]


Re-Shaper Alternative for Population Data

Chris Cox/April 29, 2014/ At the 2014 Partner Summit, I was reminded about the Tableau Reshaping Add-In for Excel. This is a great tool, but if your data set only changes slightly, you still have to re-run the macro on every row. I developed a formula based alternative to the macro driven re-shaper that solves   [READ MORE]



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