Boulder Insight featured in Bill Inmon’s latest publication

In 2014, Boulder Insight had the pleasure to work with Bill Inmon on some of his latest research into the analysis of the textual disambiguation of non-repetitive data. Widely regarded in the computer industry as “the father of data warehousing”, Bill’s influence has spanned decades through his technical innovation and prolific writing. Recently, his company, Forest Rim Technology, has developed processes to transform unstructured or non-repetitive data, such as email, call transcripts, or other document libraries into well-structured relational databases allowing for the application of advanced analytics tools.

His latest publication, Data Architecture: A Primer for the Data Scientist, features an analytical dashboard developed by Boulder Insight’s own Chris Cox. In chapter 8.3 Analytics from Non-Repetitive Data, Bill lays out the general flow of his TextualETL™ process from the unstructured data source, through mapping / taxonomic application and into a final state as a relational database. At this stage, the power of textual disambiguation may not be fully appreciated by non-technical audiences. It’s the visual representation using an analytical tool like Tableau that allows a broader audience to quickly absorb the knowledge in the data.

This was the task presented to Chris last year. The results, which were shared at the 2014 Tableau Conference (video) and included in Bill’s publication, showcase the deep knowledge that can be discovered in call center transcripts and other unstructured data sources.


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