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Boulder Insight knows Tableau. Whether you’re just starting to explore data visualization or are already a Tableau veteran, Boulder Insight offers support and expertise. We also offer consulting services in areas related to Tableau engagement, including business intelligence strategy and data management.

The list below outlines our most popular consulting services. Our wide range of capabilities and on-the-field experience provides flexibility for your perfect fit.

Contact us to schedule a complimentary discovery session focused on your specific business needs.

Tableau Set Up and Implementation

You get the most from Tableau when data systems and analytics are configured properly from the outset. At Boulder Insight, we are experts in examining the business case, developing a process strategy, and configuring dashboard analytics for quickest time-to-value and longevity of use. Learn more about Boulder Insight services for Tableau set up and implementation. 

Tableau Optimization
As a certified Tableau Consultant since 2009, we’ve served clients both large and small in a variety of industries. We leverage Tableau best practices to improve workability and speed, user efficiencies, reporting consistency, and analysis value. 

Whether you’re looking for a quick start implementation, training of any length, embedded staff, or regular tune-ups, our capabilities will meet your need. Learn more about Boulder Insight services for Tableau optimization. 

Proof of Concept
Boulder Insight Proof of Concept (POC) services help you “sell in” Tableau to clients, colleagues, or management by supplying clear outlines for value. We pride ourselves on creating compelling, relevant, and accessible POC presentations. Learn more about Boulder Insight POC services.

Business Intelligence (BI) Consulting
Effective business intelligence strategy and best practice data management throughout the organization is key to maximizing Tableau value. Boulder Insight works with clients to establish a cohesive and comprehensive BI plan. After an initial assessment and discovery session, we architect a strategy around data, metrics, reporting, dashboards, distribution, and user experience.Learn more about Boulder Insight BI consulting services.

Data Services
Without quality data, complex analytics and fancy data visualizations are worthless. Your data management plan is the key to accurate analysis and insight value. Boulder Insight will help you configure your data for speed, accuracy, and flexibility. Our team offers expert services in data quality, data governance, data migration, and enterprise data management. Learn more about Boulder Insight data services.

Digital Analytics
Tableau puts the power of data discovery, ad-hoc analysis, and dashboard creation into the hands of digital analytics specialists. The glut of available digital data can become overwhelming and increase risk for missed insights. Boulder Insight helps clients with Tableau processes that capture and leverage every piece of digital data. Learn more about Boulder Insight digital analytics services.

Tableau Platform Product Sales
Boulder Insight, a certified Tableau Reseller, will help you select the perfect Tableau license for your particular business goals. Boulder Insight customers enjoy easier implementation and faster time to value because of our expert assistance and personalized support beyond the sale.

For introductory information, visit Why Tableau? or take the Tableau Product Tours. To explore Tableau data visualization for your business, contact us for a discovery discussion or interactive demo.

Tableau Server Hosting
For those clients looking for an easy, turnkey data visualization solution, Boulder Insight’s Tableau Server hosting services meet the mark.

  • We create all-in-one custom solutions, working within your existing systems
  • You don’t need to involve your IT staff, unless you want to
  • We provide ongoing hosting support and best practice counsel

For introductory information, visit Why Tableau? or take the Tableau Product Tours. To explore Boulder Insight server hosting for your business, contact us for a discovery discussion or interactive demo.


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