Digital Analytics

Tableau puts the power of data discovery, ad-hoc analysis, and dashboard creation into the hands of digital analytics specialists. The website is the lifeblood of most businesses. It generates leads, drives conversion to customers, builds brand, and supports customers.

All this activity generates a mountain of data that can be used to improve performance. This same data, however, can also generate “big data” overload. Missing the “forest for the trees” is a concern we hear from many of our clients. Tableau is here to present this data in a way that is at once accessible and actionable. Boulder Insight is here to help make that process efficient.

  • Connect directly to Google Analytics
  • Explore multiple data streams easily and visually to find patterns and trends
  • Build dashboards to see traffic, content and source trends all in one place
  • Blend data sources to explore web traffic and sales/service interaction
  • Publish dashboards so colleagues can interact with data in their own browsers

The ability to easily and quickly visualize your own data will transform the digital analytics work experience and drive online success. Contact us today to learn more.