Forest Rim and Boulder Insight on Airline and Banking Sentiment Dashboards

We recently partnered with Bill Inmon at Forest Rim to build visualizations based on his textual disambiguation of public sentiment documents for the airline and banking industry. Forest Rim will be hosting a webinar to describe the techniques and results:



This year there were more airline complaints than

ever before even though on time arrivals were at an

all time high. Why?



A Free Webinar

April 19, 11:00am PDT/12:00noonMDT/1:00pmCDT/2:00pmEDT

Airline complains are at an all time high. But on time arrivals are also at an all time high. Something is wrong with this picture. Terribly wrong.

Someone needs to listen to what the airline passenger is actually saying.

In March 2016 Forest Rim Technology and Boulder Insight took a look at what airline passengers were saying using customer feedback that is publicly available on the internet. A study of passengers feedback from passengers of all airlines and all air travel was conducted looking at issues such as –

What air travel topics are at the top of passengers list? Delays? Baggage? Scheduling? Ticket costs?

What airports are the most mentioned?

What airlines are the most mentioned?

Come hear Bill Inmon of Forest Rim technology tell you all about the study on April 19 at 11:00PDT/12:00noon MDT/1:00pmCDT/2:00pmEDT. Sign up now for this free Internet session that will describe what airline customers have to say about airline travel today. Come hear what we found in the head of the airline customer.

Contact Georgia Burleson at to reserve your spot in the webinar to see the results of this industry wide survey.


The Tableau dashboards are available for preview on Tableau Public now.


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