At Boulder Insight we love working hard AND playing hard. Our team meetings are a place to prioritize, plan and, occasionally, let loose and play. We pride ourselves on our ability to creatively solve complex problems with our clients, but you can’t just turn that stuff off. Once those creative juices are flowing, there’s no telling what we’ll come up with.

Sometimes we tell stories about scary, monstrous data problems; sometimes we rap about how awesome Tableau is; but regardless of what we’re doing, you can always count on us to have some fun.

Boulder Insight proudly presents, STORYTIME.



Grab a blanket and some cold milk and cookies, and snuggle in with us for a data story. Once upon a time …


Frankenstein Meets the Friendly Tableau Consultant

-A Boulder Insight originally story narrated by Steven Rouk



Our very own, Chris Cox, breaking it down for y’all!


 “Straight Outta Fremont”

-written and performed by Chris Cox for TC15


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