Tableau Training and Development

Boulder Insight offers both off-the-shelf and customized training options for specific client needs. Our primary goal is to have our clients to get the most out of the Tableau platform, so our clients drive what we offer. Tableau is easy to learn, to be sure, but the value of the platform increases exponentially as user comfort level and capabilities increase.

We include introductory training in our Set Up and Implementation packages. We also offer advanced training on specialized topics like geographic mapping, dashboard best practices, and data readiness. We conduct these trainings in person or online at your convenience. As needed, we can create specialized courses for specific roles within the organization:

  • Tableau 101: “The Basics”
  • Dashboard Workshops
  • Data Workshops
  • Role-Based Workshops
  • Industry-Based Workshops
  • Proof of Concept “How To”
  • Tableau Best Practice Tutorials
  • Tableau New Release Tutorials
  • Custom Training and Development Packages

The ability to quickly and easily visualize your own data will transform your work experience and drive your success. Contact us today to learn how Boulder Insight can help you get big results from Tableau.




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