What’s so great about Tableau?  
Tableau helps you:

  • Uncover unseen patterns in your data
  • Navigate sophisticated drag and drop dashboards with ease
  • Analyze millions of rows of data ad hoc and in moments
  • Inform smart business decisions
  • Combine multiple data sources for quick analysis
  • View real-time refreshed dashboards
  • Share beautiful and clear dashboards with colleagues

But actual Tableau customers express it best—take a look below to see why they love the platform. We help clients just like these get the very most out of Tableau and they are always as delighted. Take a Tableau Product Tour to see the platform in action.

When you’re ready, we can help you explore and leverage Tableau products to create rich analyses, uncover business insights, and make you a look like a star. Contact us today for a no pressure discovery discussion or interactive demo.


Happy Tableau Customers



“Tableau is changing the game for us … We made the conscious choice of starting with Tableau at the staff level on down. So everybody from new-hire MBAs to people who come out of undergrad have Tableau. And then we’re pushing it to our managers, all the way up through our principals, directors and other partners.” 

– Ryan Renner, Deloitte



“Tableau is fun to use and it’s powerful and it provides value. It gives people something that they can get excited about using. So, rather than using tools that are challenging and just laborious to use, Tableau has changed the excitement people have toward finding answers. People want to use it.” 

– Peter Gilks, Barclays



“We didn’t have to create thousands of reports to represent every possible slice of the data that they want. We were able to just create the base templates, and then they customize when they use the product.”

– Tricia Lord, Business Intelligence Product Manager, Yahoo!



“Tableau Software was the ideal choice for a number of reasons; it’s powerful, highly interactive, easy-to-integrate into our existing infrastructure and makes it much easier to identify actionable insights and share them throughout the company.”

– Ken Rudin, VP of Analytics and Platform Technologies, Zynga



“When we discovered Tableau, its simplicity, intuitiveness and effectiveness were immediately evident and quite enticing. It not only met our needs and situational requirements, but it also fit our budget and allowed for an in-house implementation.”

– Sandro Levati, Director of IT, Ferrari North America 



“We’re able to get answers with information that we couldn’t find before. It became the tool of choice anytime that we were doing any type of analysis.”

– Matt Krzysiak, COO, National Motor Club



“The efficiency of my group has gone through the roof.”

– Shawn Spott, VP and Manager of Marketing Research, RBC Wealth Management



“They got an email from a source that they trusted that had been giving them data, and attachments, and Excel files for years, with a link saying hey, here’s your…data is on the web this time and we’re also able to deliver it to you with 48 hour turnaround instead of two, three, four weeks.”

– Lynzi Ziegenhagen, Aspire Public Schools 



“In the past, a lot of our business intelligence systems were not used because they were at the officer level. But Tableau is definitely a tool that anyone who has a computer can figure out.”

– Marsha Schels, Yale University



“We got our hedge fund up and running with Tableau Online extremely quickly. It’s helped enormously with the flow of ideas within the team.” 

– Sandeep Varma, Herring Creek Capital



“The biggest benefit is to be able to access a large amount of information from anywhere you have web access, specifically on an iPad. This is beneficial to our field sales team when information is needed on the fly.” 

– Greg Sheldon, Elite Brands



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